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Whether you may call my paintings art or not is totally up to you. I like my watercolours and I would be delighted, if you like them, too. Bryce pictures: A different sort of art, sometimes amazingly simular to a photo. Fantasy which is only limited by the efficiency of your PC. Links for, the Web Site about the tenor José Carreras and photos of a stay in Barcelona and a meeting with Mr. Carreras in June 2000.

My link site to should be actually on the first position, because my direct and indirect occupation for takes most of my spare time at present.

I have placed the Site on my index page, because of the fact, that German search engines don't realize, that the language English not only unites the people, but also the internet. My friends are coming from different parts of the world and English is the only language, which makes it possible for us to be true friends.

You will find more information and some photos of our stay in Barcelona  and our meeting with José Carreras on the following pages.

Marion Tung
in July 2000

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